.gitignore to allow 'empty' directory

I've had a couple of situations where I wanted to be able to commit an empty directory to a git repo. Git doesn't allow you to add+commit empty directories so the usual way around this is to include a .gitinclude file in the 'empty' directory -- thus no longer empty.

$ mkdir /tmp/foo && cd /tmp/foo
$ git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /tmp/foo/.git/
$ mkdir bar
$ git add -A -n
$ touch bar/.gitinclude
$ git add -A -n
add 'bar/.gitinclude'

Okay, that seems better.

But in my case I would like 'bar' but not any subdirectories. Let's see how that shakes out:

$ mkdir bar/baz
$ git add -A -n
add 'bar/.gitinclude'

That looks about right -- BUT IT ISN'T! Git isn't including 'baz' because baz is a directory with no content.

$ touch bar/baz/somefile
$ git add -A -n
add 'bar/.gitinclude'
add 'bar/baz/somefile'

Well, crap. Hows about I just add a .gitignore into 'bar':

$ echo '*' > bar/.gitignore
$ git add -A -n

Uh, now we don't get anything on an 'add'?!?

Here's the right way to get an 'empty' 'bar' with no subdirectories whether those subdirectories have content or not:

$ rm bar/.gitinclude
$ (cat < ) > bar/.gitignore
$ git add -A -n
$ add 'bar/.gitignore'
$ tree
└── bar
    └── baz
        └── somefile

2 directories, 1 file

That took way to long to figure out! :\ Here's a repo if you don't believe it worked:



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